And The Winner Is...

When we launched our "What's Your Vision" Essay Contest last week, we really had no idea how many people would so enthusiastically respond! Once again, the Integrative Nutrition community has proven to be an extraordinary and inspiring bunch!

For the contest, prospective students were asked to submit a short essay (maximum 200 words) with a photo explaining why they wanted to enroll in Integrative Nutrition's Health Coach Training Program and how they planned on making a difference. Top entries were selected by Integrative Nutrition based on creativity, inspiration, message and passion.

We had over 1,100 essay entries for the contest from all over the globe that included so many incredible stories and visions for a healthier, happier future. Thank you to everyone who entered such thoughtful submissions! It was so difficult to choose our grand prize winner (a full tuition scholarship to Integrative Nutrition's Health Coach Training Program). There were actually two entries that stood out, so we are declaring a tie for the grand prize!

Congratulations to Annalicia Niemela of Minnesota, and Lana Purcell of Australia! Their entries were so inspiring, unique and creative!

Read their wonderful entries here!

"Recently, I was munching on some romaine lettuce while waiting at a stoplight, when Ilooked in my rear-view mirror and saw a man in his car, devouring a fast food meal. “What a great metaphor,” I thought, “an opportunity to look back at where I’ve been, in regards to my eating habits, and appreciate where I am currently.” A moment later, the stoplight turned green and prompted the question, “Now where are you headed?” And, as I looked around and saw car after car waiting in the drive through lines at all the fast food restaurants, I was filled with an overwhelming sense of inspiration to continue to become better than I used to be and to begin on a new journey of more profound service.  Although many concrete aspects of this journey are unknown to me at this point, I answered, “I’m headed to a place of less confusion and more sound wisdom; a place of more awareness and less judgment. I am on route to a place of enthusiasm, energy, integration instead of division and genuine impact!” And, that is why I’m parked, with passionate anticipation and excitement, outside the doors of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition!" -Submitted by Annalicia Niemela

"Lana Purcell is the uber-passionate, green smoothie drinking, raw food eating brainchild behind Australia’s first health food café for kids. Sick of the nuggets and chips options on the café menus she became slightly and neurotically obsessed with spreading the children’s health message to those that would listen. Winning a scholarship to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Lana’s life changed and she found her people and her purpose. 20 months later the first of her kids wellness cafes, “The Green Mo Co” opened for business supplying the coast with a healthy green smoothie making, organic,wholefood and raw food supplying kids café for mums on a “give your kids the best start mission” . Play spaces, education programs and night courses for parents is all served up with a shot of green and a cuddle.. OK, a smile…! With a packed house daily she has tapped into the community and created a movement of families that are aware, awake and on the first step to a better life. As she says “this is my mean green version of the McDonalds arches”. Look out for one in your area! She is spreading the Green Mo message like wildfire! AusTimes, August 2012" -Submitted by Lana Purcell

We still have 2nd place ($1,000 scholarships) an 3rd place ($500 scholarships) prizes to award! Winners will be contacted this week!